Special Edition Natives Nigerian Deck of Playing Cards


Natives Nigeria is the first in a series of custom deck of playing cards created by Adimabua Ofunne in Abuja, Nigeria. This limited edition deck of cards celebrates the history and culture of Nigeria. It is the ultimate gift for collectors and perfect for games night. Look deeper to see the symbolism of the Igbo (Spades), Yoruba (clubs), Hausa (hearts) and Fulani (diamonds) within the detail of the artwork.

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Inspired by Nigerian culture, this limited edition deck of playing cards is for those who love to collect or play games with friends, family or in a competition.

Only 2500 will ever be printed.

The King, Queen and Jack is a custom illustrated design dedicated to one of the 4 major tribes within Nigeria.

The luxury minimalist design is inspired by the Nigerian traditional woven fabric from the Igbo tribe (Akwete).

The cardboard box is embossed with gold and silver foil on a matte smooth finish. The front of the box illustrates the mask of Queen Idia from the Benin Empire, one of the most famous artefacts in Nigeria.

It is designed in Abuja, Nigeria.

It is printed by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC) with reliable and long-lasting paper stock.


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